This is going to be fun:


Calling All Comics!

Locally-based production company Pixel Pictures is looking for up-and-coming actors, comics and sketch groups in Western North Carolina for casting of a comedy series currently in development. RIPE FOR THE PICKIN' is a situational workplace comedy – similar to WORKAHOLICS meets THE OFFICE – but with a more WNC themed backdrop: an apple orchard.

The show follows a group of restless 20-somethings as they drag their feet through irreverent and off-course lives that have taken a pit stop picking apples at a local farm. Over-educated and under-employed, they spend most of their minimum wage days running from bees, nursing hangovers, cheating the time clock, fleecing customers and sneaking batches of hard cider. When that's not tying them up they're busy planning get-rich-quick schemes and mercilessly pranking each other.

We'd love to invite all local actors interested in the project to submit their headshots, resumes and - most importantly - any reels or demos for consideration. The cast of the show and their on-screen chemistry is such a huge element that we're particularly interested in groups that already have a rapport performing together on stage or in front of the camera. Already got a comedy YouTube channel with some of your friends? Send us a link! We'd love to check it out.

This show is all about the cast. While we've got a clear idea of what we're looking for in the project, we really want to scout the perfect cast, film some screen tests with them all, and develop the show tailored to their strengths and personalities as actors. Anyone is welcome to submit but at this stage you must be in or very near the WNC area and have video samples of previous work.

To submit, send an email to with “RIPE FOR THE PICKIN'” in the subject line. Include any resumes or bios that you'd like and make sure to include links to previous work samples.


Thanks for your interest!